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Todas as sessões devem ser marcadas previamente por telefone ou email.

Situações urgentes são marcadas para o próprio dia.

  262 187 553
  918 022 900
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De forma a não causar constrangimentos laborais ou outros, a Clínica funciona no período entre as 09 e as 20 horas, de segunda a sexta.

Atendimento na recepção em Português e Inglês.


Our Facilities

A modern architectural solution in service of the functionality and comfort of our patients. High-end equipment and optimized information system in order to assure the safety and success of every health care rendered.


We feel that the environment on which you try to recover from a health issue is an integral part of a successful outcome. Medical appointments on several specialties, physiotherapy treatments on separate medical offices and high-end equipped gym.
Urgent situations are scheduled for the present day.


    Mestre Francisco Elias street, 22
  2500-236 Caldas Da Rainha
  262 187 553
  918 022 900

  +351 262 187 553
  +351 918 022 900