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Who we are

The private health care offer of Caldas da Rainha did not possess any space with these characteristics.

After years of professional exercise this space was conceived naturally, where you clearly sense a convergence of efforts so that every clinical problem presented is professionally dealt with. We were born to solve.

We exist since June 1st 2006.

If we add the individual contribute of everyone who works at Ortholab we have over 123 years of accumulate experience. Allied to a great deal of dedication, this experience has allowed us to treat over 9000 patients in the last seven years. We were born to treat.

Because we are well prepared, because we spend time with people. Because we study their problems and think of the fastest way to solve them. We were born to do better.

Individual sessions of Physiotherapy – always

Every treatment session is always strictly individual, one therapist for every patient. At Ortholab there is no auxiliary staff, only graduated physiotherapists. Sessions are held in individual offices, with absolute privacy. Our physiotherapists are also trained in RPG (Global Posture Re-education) and Osteopathy.

After an initial evaluation we seek to organize an individual recovery program where every session is a step forward to the re-establishment on the shortest time possible, because this means less cost for the patients and less stoppage time for companies and individuals.

Manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises are universally recognized by their efficiency in solving musculoskeletal problems.

We also feel that the environment created on individual offices contributes on a significant manner to the proposed goal, the safe and steady progress of our patients until their full recovery and reintegration on the tasks performed before visiting us.

This is why our offices are wide, functional and have independent AC system.

Our patients don’t buy a product or service, they buy a result.



Our Facilities

A modern architectural solution in service of the functionality and comfort of our patients. High-end equipment and optimized information system in order to assure the safety and success of every health care rendered.


We feel that the environment on which you try to recover from a health issue is an integral part of a successful outcome. Medical appointments on several specialties, physiotherapy treatments on separate medical offices and high-end equipped gym.
Urgent situations are scheduled for the present day.


    Mestre Francisco Elias street, 22
  2500-236 Caldas Da Rainha
  262 187 553
  918 022 900

  +351 262 187 553
  +351 918 022 900